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Updated: Feb 3

Food is fuel. Your body needs it and you are intrinsically hardwired to derive a level of satisfaction from it. These two things are woven together so tightly that most of the time eating is a pleasure for the majority of people. It’s a basic human need, that has become one of the highest artforms that there is. From the cheapest fast-food stall selling hot-dogs to Heston Blumenthal creating masterpieces in The Fat Duck; plucking ripe blackberries off their branches as you walk past, or shelling out a costly $168 per ounce for one of the most expensive foods in the world – an Italian Alba White Truffle, food-glorious-food is everywhere, and available at any price.

In my blog “The Arrival”, I talk about Huel, and why I’m using it. I’ve been waiting to do my review until I’d made up my own mind on what exactly I thought of it regarding taste and texture, ease-of-use, impact on my own health, any changes to my sleep patterns, skin, and hunger. From a tetraplegic angle how well did it aid weight loss, did it have an impact on bowel management and any other thoughts.

Initially I wasn’t overly impressed, I have to say. Having requested an extra large women’s T-shirt (that they supply free) I was unable to squeeze into it. A good way to make me feel like a Gigantasaurous!

suspicious me jpg

They encourage you to buy two packs and get a third for free so I ordered coffee, vanilla and berry flavours. Starting with the coffee, we began with the recommended water level and three scoops of the powder, giving it a good shake.

The company encourage you to mix and match water levels to your own personal taste, they encourage you to use the powder as a flour as well as a shake, they also recommend one or two as well as three scoops, equating them to the level of small snack, sandwich and meal replacement. Personally I thought this was excellent – and made my use of it easier. They recommend adding fruit, ice, chilling overnight the fridge to thicken, adding their own Flavour Systems, which I might try in the future.

Given the nature of a liquid diet I decided to ease my way into it one shake per day, as breakfast, then eat solid food. After a few days I then reduced the amount of scoops, to reduce my calorie intake, and spread it out over the day e.g. two scoops at breakfast, two scoops at lunch, & solid dinner. I began to mix and match depending on my level of hunger so I would then have one scoop instead of two here and there, or I would only have one shake and a solid main meal. Essentially trying to figure out what would work best for me, whilst on calorie reduced diet. I was also looking for physiological signs it was impacting on my body i.e. drier skin, more spots, lethargy, and so on. However all signs were good.

Overall, Huel is possibly a very good thing for myself to be using. It has all the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and so on that my body needs and I can direct my PAs exactly on water content and how many scoops and which flavour. It’s taken the choice  away from me i.e. should I have two rounds of toast with butter or bowl of porridge with honey or should I go the shop and pick up croissants? No – because I have Huel. In a way it’s like taking back control by reducing the choices I know I might unwisely pick. The taste is an acquired one, but that’s okay– It’s adaptable. Now we’ll have to wait and see If I end up with any weight loss!!

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