I Am Not a Gardener…

Updated: Feb 3

6 May 2021 #GardeningforBeginners

You may have stumbled across this place whilst looking for gardening tips now spring is here; you might be intrigued by my catchy "hook’em in” title since this is meant to be a gardening blog – or maybe you’re somebody who actually knows about this new little project (Hi Mum!!) and you’re trying to help me feel better about the very low number of clicks on my website… Whoever you are – welcome!

I am not a gardener; I have no education or training when it comes to growing plants or food of any kind. When I was a kid I spent more time indoors reading books than outside playing in the garden and my knowledge extends about as far as knowing that plants need water and sunshine. About three years ago I attempted to grow some strawberries in a hanging basket. My hope and aim was to get one strawberry all the way through the season, fully ripe and to eat it. A friend of mine who ran an allotment would remind me regularly to water the basket, to check the basket for slugs and other pests, and by the very end of the season I had succeeded in growing exactly one strawberry.

Enjoying my one and only strawberry with a refreshing glass of Pimms!

I am not a natural at this by any means. I have no affinity with plants and their needs. I would like to learn though. Last year, along with nearly everyone else, during lockdown I began to take more of an interest in the little outdoor space I had. I bought a couple of tomato plants, and following an experienced YouTuber, and the advice of my allotment friend, I actually managed to get those plants to give me massive amounts of tomatoes. I was exceedingly proud of myself!

Which leads me to today…

I know I want to branch out from just tomatoes. I know I want to have another stab at strawberries – this time growing more than just one fruit. Having spent a year watching all kinds of videos and reading books and posts about the various things one can grow, I realise what I want to achieve in my own little garden: A modicum of success in growing food I can eat. Herbs that I could turn into teas to help people destress and relax, and also flavour food. Flowers that would encourage pollinators – especially the bees. It feels like a massive undertaking! Have I gone mad? Quite possibly! But, with a great deal of help and a little bit of luck we shall see what happens!

My next post will look at the different choices I have made for herbs both indoors and in the garden and possibly a sneak peak at some food… See you next time, Helen x

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