January's Garden

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This year I’m looking forward, starting to make plans and that includes prepping the garden for spring. I hate my garden in winter, mainly because everything is dead or looks it, and it’s too cold to spend any time out there. However if I want my herbs and other plants to really spring into action when the warm weather kicks in, I know that getting them ready now will give them the best chance to get ahead come March and April.

Currently this is the state of my herb corner – all my lemon balm has died back apart from a few leaves, and looks rather like dead twigs. The lamb’s foot, sage and thyme have been nibbled at, with my chamomile looking a little ropey. The rosemary and lavender have made it through winter quite happily, however.

This is probably the first time ever where I have planned out what I want to do in the garden whilst it was still technically winter… So as a complete newb, I’ve taken some pics. Any and all advice welcome otherwise I'm simply going to clear away anything that looks a bit dead and then give them all a really good feed with some fertiliser and hope for the best…

The strawberries somehow managed to get away with not being completely eaten!

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