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Well I have officially become a ‘Hueler’. I first heard about Huel on a Facebook forum for people with spinal cord injuries. A gentleman there had been using it and had lost 10 kg. This immediately piqued my interest and I began researching what it was.

So what is Huel?

“Huel is a nutritionally complete powdered food ​that contains all the proteins, carbs, and fats you need, plus at least 100% of the European Union’s “Daily Recommended Amounts” of all 26 essential vitamins and minerals​.” (

Now, I was immediately sceptical. I am not a big fan of fad diets. Or in fact, any diets at all. I don’t think they work, simply because they are part of a multi-billion pound industry. They want to keep us buying into them, so really the aim is to keep us fat but hopeful. I know this because I have tried them and they didn’t work. I instead discovered that you need to change your lifestyle and the way that you eat permanently rather than following a diet for a few months or however long it takes, and then return to your old eating habits. So when I hear the words Weight Watchers or Slim Fast, or “Powdered Food” I am immediately filled with horror. It’s not something I would envision becoming a long-term, lifestyle change.

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Hmm, what is this bizarre stuff?

Being a member of a diet-club like Weight Watchers, or using a meal replacement drink like Slim Fast is expensive and really not sustainable financially. Or at least it certainly isn’t for me. So why did I even bother looking into Huel? Well, what caught my eye was that it wasn’t aiming to help you lose weight. It was simply food replacement, and they market themselves as a healthy alternative to fast food. It was simple to control the amount of calorie intake, and therefore easier to lose weight using it than having to plan out and measure portions for a calorie controlled diet using food. Best of all you weren’t going to miss out on essential nutrients and vitamins, fats and energy. Last but not least, the price was right for me. Whereas fat clubs and diet-drinks are just way too expensive, one month’s worth of Huel was cheaper than my average food bill.

Additionally, I have another consideration. A Tetraplegic with limited arm movements, no hand control, and no control or sensation from my shoulders down, I live with 24-hour PA support. I have a busy life, which means my PA has an even busier one – they are literally my hands and feet. My PA gets me up out of bed having washed and dressed me, they give me my medications, they brush my hair and my teeth, give me my meals, they have to check my leg-bag to make sure my urinary output is good. If I’m going out, my PA has to drive me. They have to help me walk my dog, wash my clothes, my dishes, clean the house – The list of things is endless. Needless to say it’s a very full on job!!

Some of the girls love to cook. I’ve been introduced to some very exciting meals just by wanting to try something new. Frequently, however, there just has not been time to cook properly, especially as we eat separately. One solution is to skip this process entirely – and having a Huel shake does this, whilst meeting the RDA of nutrients and vitamins. It cuts down on washing up, and some of the work. And for the girls  who really can’t cook, this is a blessing for us both!

I needed a way to control my food intake without compromising my nutrition. Huel is a complete food system, that gives me all my essential carbs, proteins, nutrients and vitamins et cetera, that in the long term would not be too pricey, fits in with my ever growing need to save time and cut down on work and has essentially done all the hard work for me. Right then, let’s give this a go!

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