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A week in the life…

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So I’ve decided to keep a diary of all that I eat to give you an idea of what I’m having. It would be great to hear your thoughts or suggestions, and maybe compare notes. I’m really not very good at doing this as I tried in the past, but for the purpose of the blog and to help me keep track of my calorie intake I’m going to do my best here.

Let’s start with:

Wednesday, 29 August.

Breakfast: a 2 scoop (304 cal) huel shake with a banana (90 Cal approx) blended, Coffee with semiskimmed milk.

Lunch: a Coronation chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries, a pint of low calorie beer.

Dinner: a round of Wholemeal toast, Just with Marmite, Red bush tea with semiskimmed milk.

Thursday, 30th August.

Breakfast: 2 scoop (304 cal) huel shake with a banana (90 Cal approx) blended, Coffee with semiskimmed milk. 4 tablespoons of blueberries.

Lunch: 2 scoop (304 cal) huel shake,

Dinner: Chicken wrapped in bacon(Half a portion), grilled mushrooms and sweet potato.

Friday, 31st August

Breakfast: 2 scoop shake, Coffee with semiskimmed milk x2


Dinner: Rest of the chicken wrapped in bacon, JD with honey (oops!)

Saturday, 1st September

Breakfast: Coffee with semiskimmed milk, 2 scoops Of Shake.


Dinner: 2 scoops of Shake

Sunday, 2nd September



Dinner: Three scoops shake with a banana (Blended)

Aaaand stop. The last few days have shown me that I am becoming more and more frugal with what I’m taking in, calorie -wise. I also am quite erratic in my times for eating, along with skipping meals. Whilst it looks as though I’m becoming stricter (which I am) and not really skipping meals in that often times breakfast is at 11 AM – 12 PM, and therefore is really more like lunch, and then dinner is actually about 5 or 6 PM and fills me up. I’m also drinking a lot of water and cups of red bush tea with milk, so please don’t think this is the only thing I’m taking in!

I have finally come to a place where I’m just really aware of what my calorie intake is like. The shakes make it a lot more manageable, and easier to keep track. Now that I have reduced the amount of solid food I’ve been taking in I think my next experiment will be transferring to a completely liquid diet of just Huel. Since it is meant to be a complete food with all of the nutrients and minerals, vitamins, fibre, proteins etc that a person needs then theoretically I shouldn’t be missing out on anything important nutrition wise. I’ll be very intrigued to see how else it will affect my body!!

It is 2021 – 3 years since the above was written. Since “the diary” was written, we are now living in a post-covid world, and my life certainly has changed significantly. Sadly my weight loss journey did not continue as I pretty much gave up attempting to lose any weight at all and the opposite became true. For the time being, I have sort of made peace with this as I am dealing with a myriad of other issues now. I hope I can continue with my writing, airing my views and ideas related to life with a spinal cord injury, and also more general topics that are interesting to me. Heck it’s my blog I’ll write what I want LOL. If you’ve managed to stick it out this far, I thank you!

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